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How can SYSport support your coach development?

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Our coaching website is a central point of information for coaches and those who deploy coaches across South Yorkshire. So whether you are looking for training courses, coaching opportunities, funding or general information on coaching, Coaching South Yorkshire is the right place for you.
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Guidance: The Minimum Standards for Active Coaches

  • Minimum Standards for Active Coaches are here to raise the quality of coaching;
    • to ensure your coaches have the right level of coaching knowledge and skills for their role
    • to help ensure your coaches are running safe sessions
    • to safeguard the participants your coaches are working with
    • so your coaches and organisation will be insured in the event of an accident or incident
  • Download the Sports Coach UK Minimum Standards for Active Coaches here:
Coaches1.PNG     Coaches2.PNG

Recruitment support

If you require additional coaches to fulfil your participation demand;

  • SYSport have a coach management system whereby we can run filtered searches on over 4,200 unique registered users to share your coaching opportunities.  
  • SYSport can support coach recruitment and advertisements through our networks to assist you.
  • SYSport offer social media promotion. 

Reward & Recognition

  • SYSport run a series of coaching awards throughout the year for more details click here.

Making it happen

SYSport can assist you with your coaching needs in several ways for full details on the programmes simply click on the boxes below to find out more: 

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Minimum Standards for Active Coaches - Organisations

Minimum Standards for Active Coaches - Coaches

Coach Education Courses

Upcoming courses are listed below, see the full range of courses here.

Contact Information

Laura Allen - Coaching Development Manager

0114 223 5680

Jeremy Knowles - CPD Courses

0114 2235674